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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I love this time of year.  It reminds me that there is still good in the world.  

There is something about the winter holidays that bring peace and happiness to most of the world.

Since Arthur and I have been married we've either been at someone else's house and have been able to enjoy their christmas tree or we have had a fake one.

When Maya was born, we spent a lot of our time at the hospital because she spent some time in the NICU.  Some wonderful friends made Christmas happen in our home.  They provided us with a tree and all kinds of ornaments.  It was beautiful to come home and find our home decked to the Christmas nines.

When we moved from ID to CA we decided to let someone else enjoy the convenience of a fake needle clean up.

This Christmas, or first in UT, we got a real tree!!!

We think she's the best lookin' thing!!

It was so fun to have the kids decorate her and get her all dolled up.  You can't tell in the picture, but there's a section of the tree that has about 10 ornaments all in a group.  I couldn't bring myself to move any of them because it was so cute the way Maya put them up...she was so proud she was able to help.

The tree has been falling over lately.  We bought a base and thought her trunk would be big enough, but it's been interesting to try to center her just right so the screws would hold her up.

Last week, I took the morning 'off' to fix the precarious lean she had going on.  After about an hour of shifting and cutting off unnecessary branches, I think we got it under control

May you and your loved ones enjoy this season of giving.  Enjoy this time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, our Savior Jesus Christ, and his gift to us.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Waking up

It's 2:52am and I'm sitting here with my two-year-old.  He's wide awake and I don't know what to do.  When I put him back in bed he screams...and I mean s.c.r.e.a.m.s.

He's been struggling with this for the last week or so and I'm getting a little bit tired.  He doesn't wake up screaming like he's had a nightmare, but once he's banging at the door, there's no turning back.  

I'm trying something different tonight...I turned on the TV.

(move ahead 11 days)

It's now December 17th. I started this post on December much for that.

You'll be glad to know that Kade is sleeping like a champ.  I believe he was having bad dreams from watching the movie The Avengers.  I've learned my lesson. We stick to the cartoons and the happy movies.  He's doing great!!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

From here on out

I set a goal to post everyday this month and with today's post I have accomplished that goal.  

 A couple of weeks ago, I set a goal to post at least twice a month from December on.

Why do we set goals?  Usually we make goals in order to begin a new habit or make a lifestyle change.  Because I have fulfilled my part of posting everyday, I have a feeling I'll be posting more than twice a month; it won't be everyday, but it may be more than I set my goal at.

My hope is to document the current events of our household and to tell you about the experiences that strengthen me and my family.

As the new year is gaining some serious traction and coming upon us, it'll be that time again...we'll set goals and decide to keep them or forget them.

I choose to keep them.  Make realistic goals that you WANT to accomplish and that you WANT to include in your everyday life.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Feature blogger...Arthur!

"The longer you sit on the fence, the more it starts to hurt"

My colleague said that to a potential client the other day and it was hilarious...

I love my wife. She's pretty much my everything. When we first started dating almost 8 1/2 years ago I have become a better person altogether. She has consistently encouraged me to reach for the highest standards in life. She is smart, gorgeous, everything pure but most of all a daughter of God. She is the love of my life.

I love my kids. Did I just say kids??! Each day I am in utter shock in the best way possible that I have 3 beautiful huggables. I pray for them daily. I want them to be healthy, happy and tempered for the life they have begun. My daughter is the miracle of our family and she reminds me of this daily. In a good way; sometimes. My second is one of the most gentle souls I have ever been around. That will be a trait I will always admire about him. My youngest is a quite the mixture of the first two. He is just getting into my favorite stage where he isn't mobile yet and will still cuddle.

I love my parents. They have supported me through every good and not so good choice in my life. Without their hard work and love I would not have had the chance to live the life I have had thus far.

I love my wife's parents. They are wise, worthy and very hard workers. They encourage, forgive and most importantly support and serve those around them.

I love ALL my siblings. They are pure and have a goodness about them that is evident. They are a shining example of love and strength. We love one another unconditionally and that's how it should be.

Heavenly Father has been SO good to me.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Today is a day to give thanks for all the many blessings we each get to partake of.

My family gets to celebrate this holiday with loved ones we've rarely been able to see on Thanksgiving.  
We have so much to be grateful for...

 - family
 - a job
 - our health
- a nice home
- cars
- playgrounds
- playplaces (for those wintery days that I know are coming)
- the gospel
- our Savior

As we reflect on our blessings, hopefully we can remember all that our Heavenly Father has done for us and all that he promises to do as we remain faithful.

All our love to those who are far away, we miss you!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I offered to make the rolls for our family's Thanksgiving Feast!!  Yesterday was the day to tackle my fears and work with yeast.

I was extremely nervous because my history with the stuff hasn't been pretty.  I've never, EVER been able to proof it right and things ended up more unleavened than fluffy and delicious.

I meant to take a picture of the beautiful bowl of proofed yeast, but I was too excited and went ahead and mixed everything together; tears were in these eyes of mine.

I ended up mixing it by hand because I had to do a batch and a half and it wouldn't fit in my mixer bowl.

This is before it doubled in size...I ended up using the oven because our house stays pretty cold.  I set a timer to alert me when to check on it's size.

Here it is after about 20 minutes in ALL it's glory.  She's a beauty ain't she?!

There were two more pans like these and I was getting very excited that this little adventure and ambition of mine was paying off.

Rising a second time.

And....the finished product!! Aren't they glorious?!!!  I couldn't have asked for a better, successful first time.  Thanks to those who encouraged me and knew I could do it!!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ideas (Bonus post on the 26th)

I have a few more days to blog and I need ideas.  

Please leave comments and let me know what you'd like me to ramble about.  If I don't receive any comments/ideas then I'll be sad.