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Saturday, November 30, 2013

From here on out

I set a goal to post everyday this month and with today's post I have accomplished that goal.  

 A couple of weeks ago, I set a goal to post at least twice a month from December on.

Why do we set goals?  Usually we make goals in order to begin a new habit or make a lifestyle change.  Because I have fulfilled my part of posting everyday, I have a feeling I'll be posting more than twice a month; it won't be everyday, but it may be more than I set my goal at.

My hope is to document the current events of our household and to tell you about the experiences that strengthen me and my family.

As the new year is gaining some serious traction and coming upon us, it'll be that time again...we'll set goals and decide to keep them or forget them.

I choose to keep them.  Make realistic goals that you WANT to accomplish and that you WANT to include in your everyday life.


Kathy said...

I'm sad that blog month is over (tomorrow) But I'm so happy that you're planning on blogging more in teh coming months and year :-)

Meg said...

I love reading your blog so I'm glad you're doing this :)

Anne Hill said...

yay for more posting! and you totally rocked in out in Nov. good job!