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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I offered to make the rolls for our family's Thanksgiving Feast!!  Yesterday was the day to tackle my fears and work with yeast.

I was extremely nervous because my history with the stuff hasn't been pretty.  I've never, EVER been able to proof it right and things ended up more unleavened than fluffy and delicious.

I meant to take a picture of the beautiful bowl of proofed yeast, but I was too excited and went ahead and mixed everything together; tears were in these eyes of mine.

I ended up mixing it by hand because I had to do a batch and a half and it wouldn't fit in my mixer bowl.

This is before it doubled in size...I ended up using the oven because our house stays pretty cold.  I set a timer to alert me when to check on it's size.

Here it is after about 20 minutes in ALL it's glory.  She's a beauty ain't she?!

There were two more pans like these and I was getting very excited that this little adventure and ambition of mine was paying off.

Rising a second time.

And....the finished product!! Aren't they glorious?!!!  I couldn't have asked for a better, successful first time.  Thanks to those who encouraged me and knew I could do it!!!!


Becky said...

Great job Amy! Awesome! Superb! So please! Wish I could have a pan...right now. Mmmmm....

AndreaB said...

YES! I am so excited these are for tomorrow =]]]] They look absolutely delish!

Kathy said...

Amy! That is awesome!! Good for you!!! They look delicious. :-)